Tux Rental F.A.Q.s for Prom

Do I need to make an appointment?

You do NOT need to make an appointment, please stop in when it is convenient for you. However if you wish to schedule an appointment you may. During Prom Season (January - May) we tend to be very busy specifically on Saturday and Sunday's. If you are not in a hurry, then don't worry about an appointment, if you have limited time then an appointment may be best. Simply call us at 701-252-1612 to find out best times to come in.


When should I order my Prom tux?

You will want to order your tux as soon as your prom date has her dress. The earlier you order the higher guarantee you will get your first choice of tuxedo rental.


How do I match my accessories to my dates dress?

At Nicole's Bridal we guarantee a color match to your dates dress and when your date purchases her dress at Nicole's Bridal & Prom you will get a discount on your tuxedo rental and/or shoe rental. Plus we will be able to match the color perfectly because we will already have the dress information.

If your date did not purchase her dress at Nicole's Bridal & Prom you should bring in a fabric swatch of the color of her dress so we can get the best color match possible. Dresses NOT purchased at Nicole's Bridal & Prom cannot be brought into the store without prior approval. Each dress should come with a fabric sample and if not your date may request one so you will also look as best as you can.


When can my tuxedo be picked up?
As they arrive, we will call or text you to come in for your final fitting. We suggest having at least 30 minutes available when coming to try on your tuxedo. We want EVERY guy to look their best and can only guarantee that if you try your tuxedo on for a final fitting.


What happens if the tuxedo does not fit?
All of Nicole's Bridal & Prom, our formalwear specialists are trained for onsite alterations (such as adjusting the coat sleeve or pant length). In the event that an item needs to be re-ordered, we will do everything possible to arrange for the item to arrive in the store by your event date.


Do I have to return my tuxedo at the same store where I picked it up?

Yes, for Prom all tuxedo rentals need to be returned to Nicole's Bridal the day after your event. If your event is out of town then arrangements made in advance are always an option.



You will be asked to place a small downpayment of $20 on your rental at the time of your measurements and prior to ordering. This downpayment is non-refundable and will be applied to your rental costs.


ENJOY YOUR EVENT – We’ll leave this part up to you!




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